Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer

The first live-action trailer for the new Star Trek series debuted on Wednesday that will no doubt cause some spirited debate among Star Trek fans.

The release of a trailer is an excellent sign for the show after loosing its original showrunner Bryan Fuller and several delays that has resulted in the premier being pushed back to this fall.

Despite the delays CBS has announced that the originally planned 13 episodes has now been expanded to 15 episodes for the first season. CBS also confirmed that a post-episode discussion show, “Talking Trek”, will accompany the series when it debuts in fall.

Star Trek: Discovery series premieres this fall on CBS All Access.

Reggie’s Take:
At one time I was under the impression that Discovery was to take place in the original timeline, before the events of the 1966 Star Trek television series, but after watching the trailer it looks as if Discovery may actually take place in the rebooted “Kelvin Timeline”.

If in fact Discovery does take place in the Kelvin timeline then I’m open to see what they do with the series, but if it’s actually in the original timeline then CBS and its writers may have made a mistake with its look and feel.

I’ve wrote on my website and talked about it on my Podcast many times that I have no problems with the rebooted timeline J.J. Abrams created with the 2009 Star Trek movie. Have the last three movies been perfect? No. Is there room for improvement? Sure.

If I’m to be honest I would rather see Discovery set in the Kelvin timeline as I feel it gives the show the greatest room for creativity without stepping on anything that would of come before or after the show if it were to be set in the original timeline.

My one gripe I have after watching the trailer would be the look of the Klingons. If Discovery is set in the alternate timeline with the newer movies then they should make the Klingons resemble what we saw in “Into Darkness”. Granted I wasn’t completely sold on their looks in the movie, but at least it would remain consistent.

My biggest hope for this new series is something that I haven’t seen and would love to see with the newer movies and that’s a heavy dose of the Klingons as the antagonist. The last three movies with the newer cast have barely touched on the Klingons with the exception of a five-minute seen in “Into Darkness”.

Assuming Discovery is set in the alternate or newer timeline then lets go full tilt and shows us how big of a bad ass these Klingons really are. Klingons aside the writers for Discovery hopefully have listened to some of the criticisms fans have had from the previous three movies and get back to what made TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and even Enterprise successful, humanity bettering itself through exploration and commenting on social events going on in today’s world.

I plan on giving Star Trek: Discovery the benefit of the doubt and watching the first season before making my final judgment. Although I’m sure some out there will bash it with out even giving it a chance.

Cast: Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones, Shaza Latif, Clare McConnell, Kenneth Mitchell, Maulik Pancholy, Anthony Rapp, Damon Runyan, Terry Serpico, and Jason Isaacs.



Star Trek: Discovery
Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery this Fall on CBS All Access.



Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 2017

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