Justice League Soundtrack

What’s one of the components in a movie that if not there you would notice? It’s the music that all movies have that can bring something special to a film you love.

Some of our favorite movies of all time have some of the most iconic sounds of all time like Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Baby Driver. Movies like Jaws, Star Wars and Indiana Jones all have that classic score and theme that is recognizable from the moment you hear the first few seconds.

Granted I just mentioned three movies that were all scored by the great John Williams, but you can’t deny that with out the music Mr. Williams wrote those movies wouldn’t be the same. The music used in movies like Baby Driver or even Guardians of The Galaxy are great in a different way. Those movies take preexisting songs from other artist and utilize them in ways that fit a particular scene.

Warner Brothers released a track from their Justice League movie soundtrack that was scored by veteran movie composer Danny Elfman. Some early response to this one track ranges from disappointed to great. I like picking up the soundtracks to movies like Justice league, but I also like hearing the score with in the context of the movie first.

Will the score Danny Elfman wrote for Justice League become iconic in twenty-five years? Who knows, but I am excited to hear what Danny Elfman wrote for this movie as much as I am watching the movie.

The Justice League soundtrack will be released digitally on November 10th, with a two-CD edition following on December 8th, and a vinyl edition available on February 9th, 2018.


Disc 1

  • 01. Everybody Knows – Sigrid
  • 02. The Justice League Theme – Logos
  • 03. Hero’s Theme
  • 04. Batman on the Roof
  • 05. Enter Cyborg
  • 06. Wonder Woman Rescue
  • 07. Hippolyta’s Arrow
  • 08. The Story of Steppenwolf
  • 09. The Amazon Mother Box
  • 10. Cyborg Meets Diana
  • 11. Aquaman in Atlantis
  • 12. Then There Were Three
  • 13. The Tunnel Fight
  • 14. The World Needs Superman
  • 15. Spark of The Flash
  • 16. Friends and Foes
  • 17. Justice League United
  • 18. Home
  • 19. Bruce and Diana
  • 20. The Final Battle
  • 21. A New Hope
  • 22. Anti-Hero’s Theme
  • 23. Come Together – Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL
  • 24. Icky Thump – The White Stripes

Disc 2

  • 01. The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track)
  • 02. The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track)
  • 03. Mother Russia (Bonus Track)


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