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If you’ve seen Thor: Ragnarok then your fully aware of the scene featuring a stage play celebrating Loki. Now you can hear from Kevin Feige on how all of that was able to come about. (Possible Spoilers below, you’ve been warned!)

Thor: Ragnarok has now been in theaters just over a week and if you have not seen it yet you need to set some time aside and make a trip to your local movie theater. Ragnarok is a fun, exciting, entertaining movie that should leave you with a smile on your face when you leave the theater.

Something I want to take a second and mention. If you go see Ragnarok or any other Marvel movie that comes out, please, please be sure you stay all the way through the entire credits so you can see the end credit scene. So many times I watch people who get up and leave after the mid-credit scene when Marvel always puts a scene at the very end of their credits.

In an online interview over at Collider, Kevin Feige talked about alot of things concerning Ragnarok and Marvel as a whole. One of the questions asked was how did the idea come about to get Matt Damon, Sam Neil and Luke Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth real life brother all to be in the stage play scene during Thor: Ragnarok?

Kevin Feige had this to say.

“There was an idea in the script phase. I don’t remember if it was our writer, Eric Pearson’s or if it was Taika [Waititi]’s or if it was our executive producer, Brad Winderbaum to bring the audience up to speed on the fact that everybody thinks Loki is dead. So that when it was revealed that he was Odin, it would make some semblance of sense to people who weren’t following along from all the films. So there was this idea to do it in this funny sort of stage play which Loki/Odin had put on to celebrate himself.”

“There was a fun idea of “Let’s get Luke Hemsworth to play Thor,” Taika had worked with Sam Neill in Hunt for the Wilder People. He was willing to come in and do Odin. So who could be Loki? Who could be Loki? Who could be Loki? We didn’t have any brilliant ideas. At one point, off handedly, Mr. Hemsworth goes, “Well what if I ask my friend Matt?” I said, “Matt who?” He said, “My friend, Matt Damon.”

“Okay. Sure. Sure Chris, ask your friend Matt Damon. Give me a break. He’s not doing this.” “Oh he’s gonna do it. He’s flying down.” The next thing I know, Matt Damon is on set in a full Loki costume, full Loki wig. We have pictures that maybe we’ll share some day of Tom Hiddleston in a full Loki outfit standing next to Matt Damon in full Loki outfit. It is very surreal and very amazing. What a testament to, I just met him for the first time, I wasn’t there when he shot this. I just met him for the first time last night. What an awesome thing, for him to come down here for his friend. It was purely based on his friendship with Hemsworth that he came and did this.”

If you’ve seen Ragnarok did you notice that it was Matt Damon as Loki and Same Neil as Odin? If you didn’t then don’t worry as my wife had to point out to me that it was Sam Neil as Odin, so don’t feel to bad.

I loved Ragnarok and thought it was one of the most enjoyable, fun, exciting movies that Marvel has put out. Some may not like the lighter tone Marvel decided to take Thor this time around, but for this movie I felt it worked extremely well and can’t wait to go see it a second time.

If you want to read everything else Kevin Feige had to say about Thor: Ragnarok and where the MCU may go after Avengers 4 then you can click here, Collider.

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