Reggie’s Take Podcast #37 Justice League Dark and Batman vs Two-Face

On our newest Podcast my co-host James and myself talk about Adam West’s last ride as Batman, plus we talk about a Lethal Weapon, a Predator and Blade Runner 2049.

With our 37th Podcast, we talk about two of Warner Brothers Animated DC movies, Justice League Dark and Batman vs Two-Face. We will tell you what we thought of both movies and why Batman vs Two-Face is special.

Gibson, Glover and Donner have said they would love to due another Lethal Weapon movie, but is it to late or have they all become to old for this…?

Thomas Jane talks about Shane Black’s “The Predator” film as he reveals a little about what we could see when the movie hits theaters in August of 2018.

Justice League is hitting theaters this week and Henry Cavill said not to long back that Warner Brothers DCEU can be stronger and which movie was the step in the right direction.

We discuss all of this plus my co-host James talks about Blade Runner 2049

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