A Stand-alone Boba Fett Movie: Moving Forward With ‘Logan’ Director

A report by The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Lucasfilm is moving forward with several stand-alone movies, one of which will center on the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett.

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 and announced they would be making stand-alone movies in addition to the Episodic ones, a Boba Fett movie has been rumored on a couple of occasions.

James Mangold

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that James Mangold, who wrote and directed “Logan” in 2017, one of the best comic book movies ever to be made, will write and direct a stand-alone Star Wars movie featuring the fan-favorite character Boba Fett.

Although Lucasfilm and Disney have not come out and officially confirmed, sources claim according to THR that Mangold will co-write the script with Simon Kinberg, who will also produce the Boba Fett film. Kinberg, is the writer-producer behind the X-Men franchise.

Reggie’s Take:
I’m of two minds about this news of a stand-alone Boba Fett movie. Half of me is excited on the idea that James Mangold will be writing and directing a Boba Fett movie. The other half holds reservations on the idea and would be just as happy if a Boba Fett movie never happened.

Let me start with why I feel we don’t need a Boba Fett movie. Boba Fett in the Star Wars galaxy has always been somewhat of a mysterious character and I’ve always liked that about him. Having almost no lines, with limited screen time, and a quick almost meaningless death (my opinion) I’ve really had no desire in pulling back the covers to take a deeper look at the man under the mask as it were.

Doing so would ruin some of the fun about the character. Besides its not like we haven’t gotten some back-story concerning the character. The prequels told us he was a clone of Jango Fett and the animated show “The Clone Wars” showed him running around with a bad crowd.

How a Boba Fett movie could work and get me on board?

The announcement of James Mangold writing and directing a potential Boba Fett movie does put positive points up on the scoreboard.

If they are going to give me a Boba Fett movie then for the love of God please set it after the events of Return of The Jedi. By doing so you have the opportunity to work with a virtual clean slate in what you do with the character.

I would love to see the movie start by showing the audience how he survived and got free from the Sarlacc pit. Once free you could then jump however far ahead in the story for the remainder of the film. What I don’t need to see is another stand-alone Star Wars movie set between Episode III and Episode IV.

Since George Lucas told us that Boba was an unaltered clone of Jango Fett, I would like to see Temuera Morrison the actor who portrayed Jango come back for the role of Boba Fett. Attack of The Clones was released in 2002 and even though the actor has aged obviously I feel he would be about the right age and would also keep things consistent.

Temuera Morrison

Even if Temuera Morrison weren’t physically up for all the action he would still make a good choice. You would only need him on set for the times you plan to have Boba’s helmet off and to provide the voice in post production the remaining time a different actor or stunt person could fill the suit.

This would also be a great opportunity to bring in other Bounty Hunters and show fans the darker underground of the Star Wars universe.

I’ve read and heard a lot people say that Solo: A Star Wars Story was a Star Wars movie no one wanted or asked for, but in all honesty that’s how I feel about a Boba Fett movie. When it comes right down to it, if they make a Boba Fett movie and James Mangold writes and directs the movie than I will be more than happy to give it a shot, after all it would still be a Star Wars movie.

Side Note:

If you’ve never seen the fan made trailer entitled “Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology” check it out below. It was directed by Eric Demeusy.

Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology Trailer Synopsis:
After being trapped for 30 years in the Great Pit of Carkoon, infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett makes a death defying escape and finds himself fighting alongside the Rebellion to establish a New Republic.

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