George Lucas Talks About His Decision to Sell Lucasfilm to Disney

George Lucas in 2012, surprised many when it was announced that he had sold Lucasfilm, including Star Wars to Disney. Now eight years later Lucas opens up about his decision.

In an interview Lucas gave to author Paul Duncan for his book “The Star Wars Archives 1999-2005”, George talks about his decision to move on from Star Wars and the reason for selling to the House of Mouse.

“At that time I was starting the next trilogy; I talked to the actors and I was starting to gear up. I was also about to have a daughter with my wife. It takes 10 years to make a trilogy — Episodes I to III took from 1995 to 2005… In 2012 I was 69. So the question was am I going to keep doing this the rest of my life? Do I want to go through this again? Finally, I decided I’d rather raise my daughter and enjoy life for a while.I could have not sold Lucasfilm and gotten somebody to run the productions, but that isn’t retiring. On The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi I tried to stay out of the way, but I couldn’t. I was there every day. Even though the people were friends of mine and they did great work, it wasn’t the same as me doing it; it was like being once removed. I knew that probably wouldn’t work again, that I’d be frustrated. I’m one of those micromanager guys, and I can’t help it. So I figured I would forgo that, enjoy what I had, and I was looking forward to raising my daughter. Also, I wanted to build a museum, which I’d always wanted to do, so I was thinking, ‘If I don’t do this now, I’ll never get that done.’I’ve spent my life creating Star Wars — 40 years — and giving it up was very, very painful. But it was the right thing to do. I thought I was going to have a little bit more to say about the next three because I’d already started them, but they decided they wanted to do something else. Things don’t always work out the way you want it. Life is like that.”

In the end Mr. Lucas chose to spend time with his daughter and enjoy life and when it comes right down to it, you cannot blame George for looking after himself.

There are those out there who are not happy with the direction Disney has taken Star Wars since they acquired the rights from George in 2012 and if you are one of those people reading this, it is your right to feel that way. When Disney decided to make episodes 7,8 and 9 they embarked on a journey that I’m not sure I would of taken.

The original trilogy is so beloved and held in such high regard by so many for so long that Disney and every decision made for the sequel trilogy would be put under the microscope and in the end, they could not make everyone happy. In some ways I am glad that the Skywalker Saga is finished and behind us so we can look to the future of the franchise and stop comparing it to what’s already come and gone.

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