‘Prey’ – They Hunt To Live. It Lives To Hunt.

20th Century Studios released the first trailer for a new Predator movie, Prey, set 300 years in the past.

The first trailer for Prey shows off both an intense and intriguing chapter in the Predator franchise that has struggled to capture what the original movie first gave us back in 1987. The trailer follows Naru (Amber Midthunder), a young Comanche female who aspires to become a warrior, even though her tribe does not think she can achieve that status.

Prey was filmed knowing it would not be heading to the theater, but the small screen and with its smaller budget looks to be delivering a fun action-packed, sci-fi movie with a small horror element. The filmmakers on Prey wanted to bring an accurate portrayal of the Comanche that brought a level of authenticity.

When Prey premieres on Hulu on August 5, 2002, it will be available in Comanche as a language option, or with Comanche subtitles. This will be the first time a feature-length movie on a streaming platform is being made available in the Comanche language in its entirety.

Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) is directing the fifth installment in the Predator franchise and in online interview Trachtenberg was asked how the Predator is different from what we’ve seen before with the movie taking place 300 years in the past.

Trachtenberg: “It was very tricky to find a way to have the Predator feel, at once, 300 years earlier in iteration and in what it has to wield, but also feel still feel far more advanced than what our characters are used to and have ever dealt with before. That way, it really can feel like this David and Goliath grudge match unfolding. That was challenging. Some things in the trailer are teased, and I’m excited for people to watch some familiar gadgets and some familiar weapons in the arsenal, but also a lot of new things that I think are super cool and that I hope people will enjoy.”

They Hunt To Live. It Lives To Hunt
Prey / 20th Century Studios
Prey / 20th Century Studios
Prey / 20th Century Studios
Prey / 20th Century Studios
Prey / 20th Century Studios
Prey / 20th Century Studios

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