MegaForce celebrates forty years since it was released to theaters and although it is a unique sci-fi movie it does not change just how bad it is.

MegaForce tells story of two fictional countries, the peaceful Republic of Sardun and their aggressive neighbor Gamibia. Unable to defend themselves from a Gamibian incursion, Sardun sends Major Zara and General Byrne-White to ask the help of MegaForce – a secret army composed of international soldiers from throughout the western world, equipped with advanced weapons and vehicles.

Barry Bostwick starred as Ace Hunter, commander of MegaForce. If Bostwick’s name sounds familiar that’s because he would later play the Mayor of New York city, Randall Winston in the television comedy Spin City starring Michael J. Fox.

MegaForce is a movie with its tongue firmly in cheek. It is a campy action film, light on thinking and heavy on action that forty years later is looked at as a true popcorn movie watched in the wee hours on late night cable. The movie featured no blood, no sex and lots of vehicular action. The film had no credited costume designer as all the clothes were designed by the Mattel toy company.

MegaForce was released one week after Clint Eastwood’s film Firefox had been released with movies like Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, E.T., and Blade Runner still playing in theaters. MegaForce bombed in theaters only earning $5.7 million dollars on a $20 million dollar budget.

Hal Needham who directed MegaForce described it as, “Kind of a version of James Bond done with a helluva lot of less budget and no Roger Moore.” Needham is better known for directing Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, and The Cannonball Run.

MegaForce was released to theaters on June 25, 1982.

MegaForce – 1982
MegaForce – 1982
MegaForce – 1982
Barry Bostwick as Ace Hunter

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