Star Trek TOS Season 1

I’ve always been a Star Trek fan and as weird as it sounds its thanks to Star Wars that got me interested as a kid to watch the Original Series on television.

At first I watched it due to the fact it took place in space aboard a space ship. It wasn’t until my Aunt and Uncle took me to see Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan that I started to take more of a liking to the show.

I will admit that of all the series of Star Trek out there and I’m referring to the other four shows created, the Original Series was the last series I bought on DVD. When I did by the series I bought TOS on Blu-Ray. After watching TOS on Blu-Ray I liked what Paramount did with the Enhanced versions. I’m sure there are some out there that are or were appalled that Paramount would do such a thing, much like those who hate Lucas for messing with the original Star Wars trilogy, but me personally I feel it makes the show even better.

Paramount didn’t change any of the story lines or plot lines in the shows they just brought the effects more up to what we would expect if the show was being produced today without doing irreversible harm. If you’re a fan of Star Trek and haven’t watched TOS before or you’re a long time fan and haven’t been able to bring your self to watch the enhanced versions, go check it out sometime I think you will become a fan or maybe even a bigger one.

Probably the most famous episode from season one was “Space Seed”. Where Captain Kirk and the Enterprise meet Khan Noonien Singh aboard the Botany Bay.

I know everyone has their list of favorite and not so favorite episodes, so see if yours from season one is listed and let me know what episode is yours. I’ve listed the episodes and what disc you can find them on the Blu-Ray version if you so choose to watch the enhanced version.

Star Trek The Original Series / Season 1

Disc 1:
The Man Trap – Stardate 1513.1
Charlie X – Stardate 1533.6
Where No Man Has Gone Before – Stardate 1312.4
The Naked Time – Stardate 1704.2

Disc 2:
The Enemy Within – Stardate 1672.1
Mudd’s Women – Stardate 1329.1
What Are Little Girls Made Of? – Stardate 2712.4
Miri – Stardate 2713.5
Dagger of the Mind – Stardate 2715.1

Disc 3:
The Corbomite Maneuver – Stardate 1512.2
The Menagerie, Part I – Stardate 3012.4
The Menagerie, Part II – Stardate 3013.1
The Conscience of the King – Stardate 2817.6

Disc 4:
Balance of Terror -Stardate 1709.2
Shore Leave – Stardate 3025.3
The Galileo Seven – Stardate 2821.5
The Squire of Gothos – Stardate 2124.5

Disc 5:
Arena – Stardate 3045.6
Tomorrow is Yesterday – Stardate 3113.2
Court Martial – Stardate 2947.3
The Return of the Archons – Stardate 3156.2

Disc 6:
Space Seed – Stardate – 3141.9
A Taste of Armageddon – Stardate 3192.1
This Side of Paradise – Stardate 3417.3
The Devil in the Dark – Stardate 3196.1

Disc 7:
Errand of Mercy – Stardate 3198.4
The Alternative Factor – Stardate 3087.6
The City on the Edge of Forever – Stardate Unknown
Operation: Annihlate! – Stardate 3287.2

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