Kurt Busch out at Penske Racing

On Monday both Kurt Busch and Roger Penske agreed to part ways after six seasons. Both Busch and Penske came to the realization the organization was not the best fit for either side.

In a statement Roger Penske said. “I appreciate the victories that Kurt has brought Penske Racing and our sponsors over the past six years. While I am disappointed that Kurt will not be racing for our team in the future, both Kurt and I felt that separating at this time was best for all parties, including our team and sponsors. I wish Kurt the best in his future racing endeavors.”

Busch expressed gratitude for the opportunity given to him by Penske and said he still considers his former boss a friend and mentor.

“We talked our way through this and I appreciate the six years that I had with him and the successes that we had. Neither one of us can deny that we did a great things on the track. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me personally and the mentor-ship he’s offered me over the years. I’m looking for a fresh start. For me, there just wasn’t any fun in racing. This, to me, developed obviously after Homestead. There’s no real one moment that led me to this point. It was just an accumulation of events.”

Busch continued, “As I reflect back on it, I’m not sure I was the best fit for the Penske team. At times, I feel like my frankness and my intensity didn’t play as well as I intended to. To me, finding a fresh start is what I’m looking for.”

During the last three months Kurt has worked with a sports psychologist to help him overcome issues that have plagued him throughout his career.

“I think a lot of it behind the scenes has worked itself to the surface because of how I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I recognize that I need help taking the emotion and the passion that have helped me succeed on the track and channeling it the right way. When I get out of the car, and things don’t go my way, that’s when there’s an issue.” Said Busch.

Busch said he wants an opportunity that will “enable” him to get to Victory Lane and to have a good time getting there.

“I’m the top free-agent driver out there and I have a champion‘s resume. For me today’s decision is about me pausing, taking a deep breath and making me a better driver and a better person. I’m excited about the future, I’m optimistic what 2012 can bring. I have a past champion’s provision, (so) I can start any race at any time.”

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