Nimoy on Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is beaming up Leonard Nimoy. The Star Trek icon will fulfill Sheldon’s lifelong dream when he makes a cameo on the show’s March 29 episode.

But there’s a catch: Nimoy will be heard, not seen. Nimoy will speak to Sheldon, as Spock, in a dream sequence. In a Season 2 episode, Penny gave him a napkin autographed by the legendary Nimoy for Christmas.

The show’s 100th episode last month, Sheldon received in the mail a life-size cardboard cut-out of Mr. Spock, but was horrified to discover it wasn’t the Nimoy version he ordered, but Zachary Quinto.

Leonard Nimoy, has for the most part retired from on-camera acting. The Big Bang producers have made several overtures to Nimoy over the years.

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