USS Enterprise NCC 1701-B

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-B was launched from drydock orbiting Earth on its maiden voyage with three honored guests aboard in the form of Captains James T. Kirk and Montgomery Scott and Commander Pavel Chekov, as well as a large number of journalists.

Although the maiden voyage was just meant to be a short trip out to Pluto and back again, the Enterprise B received a distress call from two Federation transport ships who were bringing El-Aurian refugees back to Earth. Although not fully equipped, there were no other vessels in range, and Captain Harriman reluctantly gave the order to intercept them.

Upon arrival, the Enterprise discovered that the transports had become trapped in an energy distortion called the Nexus, and the starship herself became ensnared in the distortion when moving into transporter range. Unfortunately, the Enterprise was too late to help the crew of one transport, as it exploded and was only able to rescue 47 people at of 150 aboard the SS Lakul, before it too was destroyed.

Trapped in the Nexus, Captain Scott devised a way to free the ship using a resonance burst from the deflector dish to simulate an antimatter explosion, after a plan to use torpedoes was discarded, as there weren’t any on board. Captain Kirk went to deflector control in order to make the necessary modifications as the Enterprise’s secondary hull was struck by an energy tendril. The Enterprise escaped with minor casualties and a major hull breach along sections 20 through 28 on decks 13 through 15. Kirk was believed killed in the breach, and the mission became notorious due to his loss.

Star Trek Generations / 1994 / Paramount

Star Trek Generations / 1994 / Paramount

Star Trek Generations / 1994 / Paramount

Star Trek Generations / 1994 / Paramount

Star Trek Generations / 1994 / Paramount

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