Martins Crash Has NASCAR’s Attention

Mark Martin’s car went sliding off the track at Michigan Speedway and crashed sideways into a pit road barrier. The vehicle was pierced by the short, narrow end of the wall, but Martin was able to walk away.

Martin had led 54 of the 65 laps contested before his No. 55 spun in the wake of a larger accident and slid toward pit road. The blue-and-white Toyota hit the pit wall where it opens to allow access to and from the Sprint Cup garage area, at a sharp angle that generated a large impact and left a crater in the sheet metal right behind the driver’s seat.

Martin knew he was fortunate but was upbeat.

”The pit wall hole or opening came so late that I didn’t have much time to even think about it. Prior to seeing that opening, my biggest deal was trying to stay off of that inside wall so that I could still have a racecar to challenge and try to win the race. … It’s unfortunate. I fought it with everything I had, but with where I came from and the speed that I came from and the confines of pit road, I couldn’t miss it.” Said Martin

On Monday NASCAR said it is ready to take a look at Martin’s crash from Sunday’s race. It’s customary for NASCAR to review areas of the race track after odd-angle hits while being thankful nobody was hurt in the unusual crash.


Mark Martin’s #55 car, crash at Michigan

Mark Martin’s #55 car, Sunday at Michigan

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