Why Star Trek Has Heart! Beyond Television or Movies

We sometimes forget while watching our favorite television shows or movies that the actors portraying the characters we love are also real human beings and the cast of the Next Generation show us how much heart they really have.

The Salt Lake Comic Organization released a video of the Next Generation cast at there April convention sharing a heart warming moment with an American war veteran.

Isaac “Feet” Jensen an Army combat medic lost both of his legs and the use of one of his hands during a tour of Iraq in 2008. When it came time for the question and answer period with the cast, Isaac took his turn and described how he was pulled from his “darkest and craziest places” during his fight with some serious post-traumatic stress issues by watching Star Trek: The Next Generation

The crowd at the convention erupted into applause when the entire cast in attendance went down to hug Mr. Jensen on the floor. William Shatner who was there filling in for Patrick Stewart remarked “I’ve been doing this for many years and this is probably the most emotional moment I’ve ever had.”

This video just shows the kind of love and warmth the cast of TNG really has towards its fans. It also shows the compassion they showed towards humanity wasn’t just limited to the characters they played on television. Seeing moments like this make me proud to be a Star Trek fan.

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  1. While I cant ever claim anything like that I can relate to having Star Trek to relieve some of those really low moments. Now I get to enjoy my favorite show with my daughter who is slowly warming up to it.


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