Affleck’s Batman Suit Revealed!!

After Monday’s tease of the new Batmobile, Zack Snyder revealed the new Batman suit with Ben Affleck in full costume.

With first official image of the new Batman suit finally revealed we can see the influence of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” in the design. Affleck’s Batman will defiantly be an older, gruffer, bulkier Batman, worn down from years of keeping Gotham safe.

This version is clearly a big departure from what we saw with Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy under Christopher Nolan, it’s more of a suit rather then body armor.

This will be the closest representation of Batman from the comics on the big screen then we have ever seen before. Snyder is keeping to his visual style established in the “Man of Steel” and that makes sense knowing Snyder will also be directing the “Justice League” movie.

The image also gives us more of a look at the new Batmobile. The cockpit area has an influence, at least to me, from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile and judging from the look I’m guessing Batman might be able to seat a passenger. This would make sense especially if this version of Batman has had a “Robin” at one point. I say that due to the casting rumors at one time of possibly seeing Nightwing in a cameo.


Ben Affleck - Batman

New Batman Suit / Ben Affleck / Click on the image for high-res

Ben Affleck - Bat Suit 2

New Batman Suit / Ben Affleck

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  1. When we looked at this image for the first time yesterday I said something similar about how it felt Tim Burton-era

    – Tony


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