Star Trek’s “Q” – Top 5 Episodes

One of the most iconic reoccurring characters on Star Trek has to be the character of Q. Between TNG, DS9 and Voyager he appeared a total of 12 times leaving his mark on the Star Trek universe.

Played by actor John de Lancie, the name “Q” applies to all individuals of the Q Continuum. Always appearing as a humanoid male who can take on any form he wishes, almost always dressed in the uniform of a Starfleet captain. Having been described as obnoxious and a pest there was always a hidden agenda to Q’s visits that seemed to have the best interests of Humanity first and foremost.

So here at Reggie’s Take we decided to put together what we felt were the top five episodes relating to the character of “Q” spanning all three Star Trek series “Q” appeared in.

Cutting the list of twelve down to just five was a lot harder then first imagined. In determining our top five, two episodes were strongly considered, but fell just short. Deja Q and Qpid were the final two episodes cut. Both are fun “Q” episodes that are loved here at Reggie’s Take.

Some of you may strongly disagree with our top five and some may agree, but just remember we couldn’t make them all top five either as much as we may of liked to.


#5 – Death Wish / Star Trek Voyager / Season 2

Death Wish - Voyager

Star Trek Voyager – Death Wish / Season 2

While “Voyager” investigates what appears to be a typical comet, the crew accidentally releases a member of the Q Continuum who has been imprisoned in the ship’s console for over 300 years to prevent him from committing suicide. He then claims asylum on the ship, which leaves Captain Janeway to decide whether he should go back in to confinement or whether to grant his request for asylum, which will give him endless opportunities to commit suicide.


#4 – Encounter At Farpoint / Star Trek TNG / Season 1

Star Trek TNG Encounter At Farpoint

Star Trek TNG – Encounter At Farpoint / Season 1

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise must face an almost impossible challenge on their maiden voyage when an omnipotent being known only as Q puts the whole of humanity on trial.


#3 – Tapestry / Star Trek TNG / Season 6

Star Trek TNG Tapestry

Star Trek TNG – Tapestry / Season 6

After a meeting with aliens goes wrong, an away team is beamed into sickbay with a dying Picard. He has a near-death vision in the form of a message from Q who informs Picard that his artificial heart is the cause of his death and allows him to change his past.


#2 – All Good Things / Star Trek TNG / Season 7

Star Trek TNG All Good Things

Star Trek TNG – All Good Things / Season 7

A disoriented Picard reports that he has been shifting from the present to two specific points in the past and future – seven years ago when he first arrived aboard the Enterprise, and 25 years into the future. In this final adventure, Captain Picard and crew must battle to save history.


#1 – Q Who / Star Trek TNG / Season 2

Star Trek TNG Q Who

Star Trek TNG – Q Who / Season 2

Q pays the Enterprise another visit, much to Captain Picard’s disapproval. He wants Q to keep his part of their earlier bargain and stay away. Q insists that Picard needs him on his side and to prove his point, hurls the Enterprise far into the galaxy. There, the Enterprise crew meets the Borg and their strange, cube-like spacecraft. The Borg is a race that is part biological and part machine that exists within a collective consciousness. They are also a formidable foe that can out power, out run and out fight the Enterprise. With their shields weakened, it’s left to Picard to decide if they really do need Q’s help.

Star Trek TNG Q Who 2

Star Trek TNG – Q Who / Season 2

Side Note:

The name “Q” was chosen by Gene Roddenberry, in honor of an English Star Trek fan, Janet Quarton. She was the first president of the UK Star Trek fan club, and Gene Roddenberry and many others spent time at her home, in the Scottish highlands. This according to the Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd edition.

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