Chromed Stormtroopers?

For a highly anticipated movie like Star Wars: Episode VII you would think any kind of news or images would be almost non existent especially with those closest to the production not talking.

The website Indie Revolver has revealed a couple of new concept images of chromed stormtroopers that we could be seeing when Episode VII hits theaters in December 2015.

There had been reports at one time of chromed stormtroopers being a possibility, but there had been no sort of information or images that would confirm that rumor, until now.

The overall design looks to be in line with the original helmet (A New Hope), but has also evolved. Instead of squared tubes along the cheeks the bottom of the helmet flares out into a fairly sharp-edged. The helmet also does not appear to have any aerator or vents on either side.

The chrome stormtroopers most likely won’t be wearing a covering in the film. The metal collar stands up from the torso armor and curves up on the sides before curving down in the back.

Some sources have expressed that the chrome troopers could be a private security force for Adam Driver’s character, a mercenary security detail and not actual Imperial troops.

As with most rumors concerning Episode VII, take it with a grain of salt. However it will be interesting to see a new look on the big screen if this look does appear in the movie. The look is most impressive.

Star Wars Chromed Stormtroopers 1

Chromed Stormtroopers / Concept Image

Star Wars Chromed Stormtroopers 2

Chromed Stormtroopers / Concept Image

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