Shatner’s Possible Role for Star Trek 3

It was just over a week ago when I posted that William Shatner had confirmed to the world that he had indeed been contacted about appearing in the next Star Trek movie and now it seems we may know how.

The website Badass Digest is reporting, according to a source that Shatner will be appearing as Chris Pines Captain Kirk future self. The scene will have Chris Pine and William Shatner meeting one another on-screen.

That same scene however will also include Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but don’t get to excited as Mr. Nimoy will appear as an older version of Zachary Quinto’s Spock and not the “Prime” or original Spock he portrayed on screen in the first two Abrams films. In general both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will bee meeting their future selves at some point during the movie.

Will this make the fans happy seeing Shatner and Nimoy on-screen together for the first time since Star Trek VI? Yes, but most likely they won’t be happy there playing older versions of the alternate Kirk and Spock portrayed by Pine and Quinto. Just the short amount of time this story has been out has already drawn some harsh criticisms from what I’m guessing are the hard-core fans.

Does Oric and Paramount really need to bring Nimoy and Shatner to the big screen for Star Trek 3 in order to have a successful movie? Probably not. I see this as Paramounts way of trying to make the hard-core fans of Star Trek happy. Unfortunately there are some Trek fans out there they will never make happy unless you get rid of the alternate timeline completely.

This latest news is unconfirmed and circumstances around the scene could always change. This new Star Trek set in the alternate timeline I’m guessing will be around for sometime and I’m okay with that so long as we can get some thought-provoking stories to go along with all the action that we’ve seen with the first two films.

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