New Director on Board for “Star Trek 3” (Updated!)

Paramount after booting Roberto Orci from the directors chair a little over two weeks ago has now decided on a new director to helm the third instalment of the rebooted sci-fi franchise.

Justin Lin who is credited with turning the Fast and Furious franchise into one of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits has now officially been given the directors chair to one of the biggest sci-fi franchises.

Lin replaces Roberto Orci, who was given the job after having co-wrote and produced the first two movies in the re-booted series. The first two films were directed by J.J. Abrams, who has since left to direct the next Star Wars movie in “The Force Awakens”.

Lin was reportedly going to direct the sequel to The Bourne Legacy spin-off with Jeremy Renner, but after Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass agreed to do one more “Bourne” movie, Universal has pushed the “Legacy” sequel back.

Director Rupert Wyatt of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was supposedly the front runner on Paramount’s short list and actor/director Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek The Next Generation quickly became a fan favorite for the job thanks to a Twitter campaign. According to Deadline though Lin was the only one who was offered the job.

The previous two Star Trek films under Abram’s direction were considered box office success, at least when you look at the dollar amounts. The 2009 film grossed just over $380 million and “Into Darkness” grossed over $460 million world wide in 2013.

Paramount has now set a release date of July 8, 2016 for “Star Trek 3”, two months before the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Currently no other major releases are scheduled for that weekend.

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  1. Well the new Enterprise looks like a boy-racer car anyway so maybe having the Fast & Furious guy onboard will work


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