James Gunn Fires Back

Dan Gilroy who wrote and directed the movie “Nightcrawler” made an unwise decision in criticizing the superhero movie genre, saying that attendees of the Independent Spirit Awards have survived against a “tsunami of superhero films” got one directors attention.

James Gunn, director of Marvel’s highly successful movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” took to his Facebook page in response of Mr. Gilroy’s comments and held nothing back.

James Gunn Facebook statement February 23, 2015

I didn’t really find the Jack Black superhero jokes offensive, did you guys? It was, like, a joke. I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but the writing on the Oscars didn’t seem to be all that well thought out.

As far as Dan Gilroy saying that attendees of the Independent Spirit Awards have survived against a “tsunami of superhero films” – well it seems a bit weird coming from a guy whose wife has acted in two Thor films – really, that seems like you’ve drowned horribly in that tsunami. But I know I just kind of make up stuff as I go along on these awards shows, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Whatever the case, the truth is, popular fare in any medium has always been snubbed by the self-appointed elite. I’ve already won more awards than I ever expected for Guardians. What bothers me slightly is that many people assume because you make big films that you put less love, care, and thought into them then people do who make independent films or who make what are considered more serious Hollywood films.

I’ve made B-movies, independent films, children’s movies, horror films, and gigantic spectacles. I find there are plenty of people everywhere making movies for a buck or to feed their own vanity. And then there are people who do what they do because they love story-telling, they love cinema, and they want to add back to the world some of the same magic they’ve taken from the works of others. In all honesty, I do no find a strikingly different percentage of those with integrity and those without working within any of these fields of film.

If you think people who make superhero movies are dumb, come out and say we’re dumb. But if you, as an independent filmmaker or a “serious” filmmaker, think you put more love into your characters than the Russo Brothers do Captain America, or Joss Whedon does the Hulk, or I do a talking raccoon, you are simply mistaken.

Reggie’s Take:
I may not know a lot about how Hollywood works and who decides what movie is worthy of being nominated for an award, especially an Oscar, but I know when I see a good movie.

It’s true the “superhero” genre will never be taken as serious as a lot of your smaller, low budget independent movies that always seem to be nominated for an Oscar and half the time when they announce the category for “Best Picture” I’ve never heard of half of them, but does that mean we should dismiss them?

Today’s computer technology and special effects have brought the “superhero” movies up to a much higher quality then one would have ever expected in the past and yet there are a lot in Hollywood who still dismiss them and that’s a shame.

Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” that was released in 2008 is a prime example of the Oscar snub in a sense. Yes heath Ledger did win an Oscar for his pro-trail of the Joker, but did he win because of his performance or more because of his death? That’s not to say he didn’t deserve it, but you have to wonder to.

“The Dark Knight” wasn’t nominated for “Best Picture” and Nolan himself wasn’t nominated for “Best Director”, why? If there has ever been a “Superhero” movie that could of or should of been taken more seriously as a legitimate all around Oscar contender, “The Dark Knight” was that movie, but wasn’t taken as serious because it was a “Superhero” movie.

Yes I’m a little bias when it comes the Sci-Fi/Superhero genre as some of my all time personal favorite movies fall into that category, but if one comes around worthy of being considered “Best Picture” then shouldn’t they give it as much consideration as any other Oscar worthy movie?

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