Spielberg Willing to Direct Indiana Jones Reboot

Back in late January it was being rumored that Disney was eyeing the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt to take over the role of Indiana Jones. Now, Spielberg says he’s willing to give it another shot behind the camera.

Steven Spielberg who has a lot going on according to his calendar is looking to add to his busy schedule. Spielberg who is currently considering taking on a film about PTSD in military vets from an adaptation of the non-fiction book “Thank You For Your Service”, before production on the Roald Dahl adaptation The BFG begins sometime this spring or summer.

If the projects above aren’t enough to keep the Oscar-winning director busy, Spielberg, according to rumors now says if the script for the “Indiana Jones” reboot, currently in the very early stages at Disney comes in to his satisfaction that he would like to direct the reboot involving Chris Pratt.

It’s not surprising, if true that Spielberg wants to return to the franchise after “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was considered a failure, at least story wise. Now granted every director will have a miss here and there and it seems he’s looking to redeem himself. According to Spielberg’s people it’s still to early to know what exactly will happen considering the writing process is just beginning.

It’s also interesting to note that it was Spielberg himself who hand-picked Chris Pratt to star in this summers so-called reboot in the Jurassic Park franchise, “Jurassic World”. Spielberg served as executive producer for the film. Disney has made no decision what so ever on who might play Dr. Henry Jones Jr. aka “Indiana Jones”.

Reggie’s Take:
It seems to me that Spielberg is letting Disney know he wants another shot at directing an “Indiana Jones” movie so long as Disney hires Chris Pratt for the role.

Would it be a bad move on Disney’s part to let Spielberg direct the first movie under the Disney banner? Probably not. Spielberg is very familiar with the character and it probably would be a good way to jump-start a movie franchise that’s now thirty-four years old in 2015.

I’ve said in an earlier posting that I like the idea of Chris Pratt taking over the role from Harrison Ford, but I’m not so sure Spielberg should be suggesting who Disney should hire. I’m not saying he is, but by reading between the lines of his comments it comes across that way.

I guess my bigger question regarding Spielberg is, is he only willing to direct another “Indiana Jones” movie with Chris Pratt in the lead role or is he willing to direct regardless the actor assuming the script meets his satisfaction and Disney wants him to.

Having Spielberg at the helm of a new “Indiana Jones” film could be a good thing, but I only want him to for the good of the franchise, not his ego!


Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford / Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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