New Star Trek Encyclopedia – In 2016

Before such things as tablets or the iPad existed you only had one reliable way to look up the rich history of Star Trek and that was by using the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

For the first time in seventeen years Star Trek fans will finally be getting an update to the Star Trek Encyclopedia when hits store shelves in the fall of 2016.

The fourth volume will be including over three hundred pages of brand new content that will cover Deep Space Nine Season 7, Voyager Seasons 5-7, all of Star Trek: Enterprise, the final TNG film Star Trek: Nemesis, and the newer rebooted J.J. Abrams films that began in 2009.

If your wondering why the new edition won’t be available until the fall of 2016 that would most likely be due to the fact that “Star Trek Beyond” hits theaters in July of 2016 and the new edition will most likely include information pertaining to the film.

If your like me and was excited about the news of an updated encyclopedia you may want to grab onto your pocketbook. The updated reference guide will be a two volume hardcover edition with a slipcase and will set you back about a $100 dollars in order to added it to your home library.

If your a Star Trek fan as I am the cost won’t bother you to much, but your wallet might have different feelings.


Star Trek Encyclopedia VOL4

New Star Trek Encyclopedia (2016)

Star Trek Encyclopedia Page 2

Star Trek Encyclopedia (2016)

Star Trek Encyclopedia Page 1

Star Trek Encyclopedia (2016)


Star Trek Encyclopedia VOL1

Star Trek Encyclopedia / 1st Edition

The first edition of the Encyclopedia was published in black and white, and in both hardcover and softcover formats. It contained material from Star Trek: The Original Series, the first six Star Trek movies, Star Trek: The Next Generation to partway through season 7, and part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 1.


Star Trek Encyclopedia VOL2

Star Trek Encyclopedia / 2nd Edition

The second edition saw the Encyclopedia published in full color. It was only published in hardcover format. It added information from the remainder of TNG Season 7, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Deep Space Nine to partway through season 5 and Star Trek: Voyager to partway through season 3.


Star Trek Encyclopedia VOL3

Star Trek Encyclopedia / 3rd Edition (1999)

The third edition of the Encyclopedia retained the full-color format, and had both hardcover and softcover releases. This edition covered Star Trek: Insurrection, Deep Space Nine to partway through season 7 (but with main character details covering the final episodes) and Voyager to partway through season 5 – as it was provided in a 128-page appendix to the second edition material.

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  1. I must have read the first edition back to front by now. The Star Trek Fact Files had its own encyclopedia that developed over time as well.


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