Paramount and CBS abandoning lawsuit against Axanar?

Friday night at the Los Angeles Star Trek fan event J.J. Abrams made an announcement regarding the lawsuit that Paramount and CBS have against the fan funded Star Trek film over at Axanar.

While speaking with all the fans and media that were in attendance Abrams revealed that Paramount Pictures and CBS would be abandoning the lawsuit against Axanar. Abrams said this about the lawsuit, stating: “This wasn’t an appropriate way to deal with the fans.”

Abrams then went on to say that it was Star Trek Beyond’s director Justin Lin who convinced the studio to stop blocking the fan funded project.

In some ways this is a good move on Paramount/CBS part with 2016 being Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. The last thing Paramount needs are fans making a statement concerning their lawsuit against the Axanar project by boycotting “Beyond” while in theaters.

I have made it no secret that I’ve had no issues with the previous two Star Trek movies directed by Abrams. Granted they haven’t been perfect, but there are a lot of hard core fans out there that have taken issue with the “Abrams” version of Trek and many whom wish Trek would return to what they grew up on have caused many in my opinion turn to such projects like Axanar.

I’ve seen Axanar’s “Prelude to Axanar” and for a fan funded twenty minute short was very well done. The people over at Axanar before the lawsuit was filed had begun to film their full-length movie that when completed would be released online for fans to see.

I won’t get into which side I feel is right or wrong, but with some taking issue with the current movie universe Paramount is offering fans and the support Axanar has gained over the last couple of years it seems to me there had to of been other avenues better used that would of benefited both sides (Paramount/CBS and Axanar) then a lawsuit costing both sides money and dividing the fans.

Axanar Synopsis:
Axanar takes place 21 years before the events of “Where no Man Has Gone Before,” the first Kirk episode of the original Star Trek. Axanar is the story of Garth of Izar, the legendary Starfleet captain who is Captain Kirk’s hero. We met Garth in the third season TOS episode Whom Gods Destroy. Kirk called Garth the role model for all future Starfleet Officers. Garth charted more planets than any other Captain and was the hero of the Battle of Axanar, the story of which is required reading at the academy. This is that story. Axanar tells the story of Garth and his crew during the Four Years War, the war with the Klingon Empire that almost tore the Federation apart. Garth’s victory at Axanar solidified the Federation and allowed it to become the entity we know in Kirk’s time. It is the year 2245 and the war with the Klingons ends here.

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