Star Trek Beyond’s Tribute to Ambassador Spock

If you’ve seen Star Trek Beyond then you know what they do within the movie to pay tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy’s character Ambassador Spock. (Haven’t seen the movie? Spoiler Warning!!)

In February of 2015 Star Trek fans lost everyone’s favorite science officer, Mr. Spock. Nimoy’s character of Ambassador Spock was the only thread from any of the original cast or original timeline when the Star Trek (2009) debuted in theaters. Nimoy would return with a small cameo in “Into Darkness” when Zachary Quinto’s Spock needed to know about Khan.

Nimoy of course passed away before Star Trek Beyond began filming, Simon Peg who co-wrote the movie with Doug Jung found what I believe to be an excellent way of saying goodbye not only to the character, but at the same time show the love and respect Mr. Nimoy deserved for all he accomplished within the Star Trek franchise.

When Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) receives the notification of Ambassador Spock’s death, he is visibly shaken. Throughout the movie, the audience can see how deep the loss of his mentor has affected the younger Spock. The final moment of grief comes when Commander Spock is seen going through the Ambassador’s personal effects, one of which is a picture of the original Star Trek cast. It’s a powerful and somber moment without words needing to be spoken, and that one photograph said everything.

Spock’s death was treated with both dignity and respect in “Star Trek Beyond”. Something that could not of been easy for Pegg and Jung to write, but could of easily have been miss handled as well.

Mr. Nimoy will be greatly missed in the Star Trek universe, just as Deforest Kelly and James Doohan are and the best thing is we can always watch them any time we want just by turning on our televisions and watching our favorite episode or movie.


Star Trek Beyond Image #2

Star Trek Beyond / Paramount / 2016

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Star Trek Beyond / Paramount / 2016

Ambassador Spock Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond / Paramount / 2016

When you look at the dates on the pad for “Ambassador Spock” you have to take into account the date of 2230.06 was his birth in the “Prime” universe and the date of 2263.02 is the date of his death in the “Kelvin Timeline”.


Star Trek Beyond Image #4

Star Trek Beyond / Paramount / 2016

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