Reggie’s Take Podcast #28 Doctor Strange

On our 28th Podcast we take a deeper look into Marvel’s latest movie in the MCU as my guest and I give Doctor Strange a full physical.

Doctor Strange is the newest entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe staring Benedict Cumberbatch. A fairly unknown character for those who don’t read the comic books and yet Marvel it seems has another success, but are there any flaws to movie and is it worth your time?

Join my guest James from the True Believers as we give you our thoughts and insights to the movie as only we can. We also talk about Mel Gibson and his views on violence in movies. Plus we talk a little Batman and what Joe Manganiello and Frank Miller have to do with that.

Plus we talk The Simpsons as it’s been renewed for a 29th and 30th season and what record they will set.

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