Reggie’s Take Podcast #46

After two plus years and a pandemic my longtime guest and co-host James joins me for our first NEW recorded podcast, so hold on as we unleash our Take!

Before today our last recorded Podcast was a review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I recorded with Mathew in late 2019. Unfortunately, life and a pandemic got in the way, and it was not posted until October of 2020 as a “lost podcast”. Fast forward to June of 2021 and I am happy and pleased to release our newest podcast.

The last time James and I recorded a podcast together was in late 2018 after comic book legend Stan Lee passed away. Since then, the Star Wars sequel trilogy concluded, and Marvel put a nice bow on their Infinity saga with Avengers: End Game. James and I had a lot of catching up to do and that is just what we did.

On today’s Podcast James and I talk about Marvel’s conclusion to the Infinity Saga. How Disney and toxic fans caused the Star Wars Sequel trilogy to conclude with The Rise of Skywalker and we look at all the movies celebrating anniversaries this year from fifty all the way down to twenty years and much, much more. We hope you will enjoy our TAKE on todays podcast.

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