New “Judge Dredd” Coming

We’ve seen the character of Judge Dredd twice on the big screen and now it looks as if fans will get another chance to see the character live once again.

The 1995 movie “Judge Dredd” that featured Sylvester Stallone was a financial flop. In 2012 the character was given a second chance, this time with Karl Urban taking over the character in the movie “Dredd” and though the film was well-received by critics it too had issues when it came to box office returns.

When “Dredd” hit home video it found an audience that it couldn’t find when at theaters and over the last several years the Karl Urban incarnation has become a cult classic. Since 2012 there have been many, including Karl Urban himself who have been campaigning to see more of Judge Dredd and it seems fans may get there wish.

If your reading this and hoping for another movie with Karl Urban, don’t get your hopes up as IM Global Television in a press release announced that Judge Dredd will instead be coming to the small screen for a live action adaptation entitled “Judge Dredd Mega-City One”.

The new television series will be an ensemble following a group of judges as they try and retain their grip as judge, jury, and executioners in the face of escalating violence. No one knows for sure if this new series will be in the same universe as Karl Urban’s “Dredd”, but I’m sure fans would love it if it the series was and would be huge if he would return and make it a true continuation.

There has been no date set as to when “Judge Dredd Mega-City One” will begin production and no one has officially been cast. Also no word where the series will broadcast exactly, but one would hope for a streaming service so they are not as restricted.

Judge Dredd Mega-City One

Dredd / 2012

Judge Dredd / 1995

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