Star Wars: A New Hope Vinyl Box Set

If your a Star Wars fan like myself you don’t just love the movies you also love the music that John Williams created for the galaxy far, far away and come December 1st you can add a new vinyl box set to your collection.

Walt Disney Records has announced that a special vinyl collector’s edition of the remastered original motion picture soundtrack for Star Wars: A New Hope will be released on December 1.

Five-time Academy Award-winning composer John Williams composed and conducted the score for Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977. The new vinyl box set will include a 3-LP set, made with 180-gram vinyl that features a 48-page hardcover book.

The vinyl set has a 3D hologram experience featuring the Death Star on Disc 3, Side A. For optimal viewing, use a direct light source or hold a flashlight above the vinyl to view the hologram. Side B features the Star Wars 40th Anniversary logo etched into the vinyl.

The Star Wars: A New Hope box set is the first release from Disney Music Group since acquiring the Star Wars music catalog earlier this year. Subsequent releases are planned for 2018.


Star Wars: A New Hope Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 40th Anniversary 3-LP

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