Space Jam: A New Legacy – Character Posters

Warner Bros. released new character posters featuring your favorite Looney Tunes and NBA star LeBron James as the Tune Squad looks ready to make a slam dunk in theaters.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is the highly-anticipated follow-up to 1996’s Space Jam that starred Michael Jordan. In A New Legacy, LeBron James takes to the court to help the Looney Tunes take on a new villain..

The new character posters gives us our first look at the Tune Squad featuring of course LeBron himself and we can’t forget our tunes, Bugs, Lola, Tweety, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Speedy and Taz along with many other Looney Tunes favorites.

Like the first Space Jam movie “A New Legacy” will feature several NBA and WNBA players who will also appear, including Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson and Diana Taurasi.

Space Jam: A New Legacy premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16. Check out the official character posters below.

Reggie’s Take:

Something that has been bugging me about Space Jam: A New Legacy is not necessarily the movie, but a decision made by Warner Bros.

As most of you know Warner Bros. made the decision to remove Pepé Le Pew from Space Jam: A New Legacy because of the way the character has been portrayed in the past. Warner Bros. feels that Pepe chasing female cats and forcing himself on them is no longer appropriate behavior in the 21st century and I have no issues with that.

What I do take issues with is the fact that Warner Bros. has no plans to use the character in the future and I ask the question, Why? Warner Bros. over the years have had no problems in making changes to other Looney Tunes characters to fit the times. They have made the effort over the last several years to get rid of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam’s use of guns and though I understand why in some ways they did make fundamental changes to both characters.

My point is if they are willing to move Elmer and Yosemite away from guns why can’t they change Pepe’s passion? Instead of being a chaser of the female sex why can’t they turn his passion for something more acceptable like gardening, flowers, painting, artwork, cooking, whatever they feel would be funny for a skunk who has a strong passion for life.

Hopefully, Warner Bros. will come to this epiphany on their own. I would hate for younger generations to miss out on a classic looney tunes character, one that deserves a second chance at being funny.

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