Moonfall’s First 5 Minutes Opening Scene

The next Roland Emmerich movie that will destroy the Earth, Moonfall, has had the first five minutes of the film released, giving us a look at this new ominous thriller.

The studio released the first five minutes of Moonfall, hoping to bring some investment into the characters and intrigue to a force that is both otherworldly and apocalyptic. Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) is a former astronaut who tries to sound the alarm, but like many doomsday prophets is dismissed until the situation becomes dire. Patrick Wilson plays fellow astronaut, Brian Harper, who believes Fowler and joins her mission in hopes to avoid extinction. Harper, though has a turbulent past with NASA after a past mission failure.

John Bradley from Game of Thrones, joins Berry and Wilson as an expert on the moon and is the one who discovers it is out of orbit. With the moon out of orbit it causes severe issues on Earth that include flooding in costal cities caused by extreme tides and society breaking down. NASA is forced to reclaim a space shuttle, the Endeavour, and have it towed through the streets of Los Angeles so it can be launched once again back into space before the surface of the Earth is destroyed.

Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall, crashes into theaters on February 4, 2022.


In Moonfall, a mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it. With mere weeks before impact and the world on the brink of annihilation, NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler is convinced she has the key to saving us all – but only one astronaut from her past, Brian Harper and a conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman believe her. These unlikely heroes will mount an impossible last-ditch mission into space, leaving behind everyone they love, only to find out that our Moon is not what we think it is.

Cast: Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley and Directed by Roland Emmerich

Reggie’s Take:

After having watched the trailers and now this clip of the first five-minutes of the movie I can honestly say I am intrigued. Having said that I have found myself intrigued with many of Roland Emmerich’s movies and in the end, found myself disappointed.

Emmerich has made several movies that I either loved or thoroughly enjoyed such as Stargate, Independence Day, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow and Midway. I initially had high hopes for movies like Godzilla and Independence Day: Resurgence and walked away with a bad taste. With Moonfall my expectations will be tempered initially with hopes of getting something that is not only epic in scale, but also entertaining at the same time. Afterall it is a disaster movie about the moon crashing into the Earth and while that seems crazy to us now, who knows what may happen in the future.

For me a Roland Emmerich movie is like pulling the lever on a slot machine. You hope you will hit it big knowing there is a good chance three lemons could be a strong possibility.

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