Star Trek: TNG Season 2 Blu-ray and Gag Reel

Season 2 of Star Trek The Next generation was released on Blu-ray back on December 4th of 2012. If you have followed my blog from the beginning or have spent any time at all on my site you already know that I have posted about the second season of the Next Generation once before.

I decided to revisit the 2nd Season mainly to share a Gage Reel that is included on the Blu-ray that was created from newly recovered 35mm film elements. Also there is a never-before-seen reunion roundtable chat that features all of the main cast discussing the history of the series for the first time in years.

-Personal Note-
The Next generation for me is my Star Trek. I wasn’t around when the TOS first aired. I did watch the TOS in re-runs on television and watched all six of the movies made with the TOS cast.

Disc One:


  • The Child
  • Where Silence Has Lease
  • Elementary, Dear Data
  • The Outrageous Okona
  • Loud as a Whisper

Special Features

  • Episode Promos
  • 1988 On-Air Season Two Promo
  • Energized! Season Two Tech Update
  • 1988 Reading Rainbow segment with LeVar Burton
  • 2012 Reading Rainbow App iTunes Promo
  • Archival Mission Log: Department
  • Briefing Year 2 – Production

Disc Two:


  • The Schizoid Man
  • Unnatural Selection
  • A Matter of Honor
  • The Measure of a Man

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos
  • The Measure of a Man (HD Extended Version)
  • Audio Commentary with Melinda Snodgrass and Mike & Denise Okuda
  • The Measure of a Man (Hybrid Extended Version)

Disc Three:


  • The Dauphin
  • Contagion
  • The Royale
  • Time Squared
  • The Icarus Factor

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos
  • Deleted Scenes from The Icarus Factor
  • Gag Reel
  • Archival Mission Log: Inside Starfleet Archives: Penny Juday, Star Trek Coordinator
  • Archival Mission Log: Selected Crew Analysis Year Two

Disc Four:


  • Pen Pals
  • Q Who?
  • Samaritan Snare
  • Up The Long Ladder
  • Manhunt

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos
  • Audio Commentary with Dan Curry, Rob Bowman and Mike & Denise Okuda for Q Who?
  • Deleted Scenes from Up The Long Ladder
  • Archival Mission Log: Departmental Analysis Year 2: Memorable Missions

Disc Five:


  • The Emissary
  • Peak Performance
  • Shades of Gray

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos
  • Reunification: 25 Years After Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Making It So: Continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • Part 1: Strange New Worlds
    • Part 2: New Life and New Civilizations
  • Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year Two

TNG Season 2 Blu-ray

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