Star Wars Fan Posters – Prequel Trilogy

Any one who has followed my Blog on any sort of regular basis will know I have posted similar posters like this before. The posters below come from a gentlemen by the name of SimonZ. I came across his web site several years ago while searching for Star Wars related pictures.

His website is full of posters, wallpapers and other such art all made by him from the world of Star Wars. Being the Star Wars geek that I am I wanted to share some more of his work one last time. I just wish I had the skill to use Photoshop like he does.

Mustafar Poster Episode III

Mustafar Poster Episode III / Courtesy SimonZ

Revenge Of the Sith Poster Episode III

Revenge Of the Sith Poster Episode III / Courtesy SimonZ

Coruscant poster Episode III

Coruscant poster Episode III / Courtesy SimonZ

Utapau poster Episode III

Utapau poster Episode III / Courtesy SimonZ

Kamino poster Episode II

Kamino poster Episode II / Courtesy SimonZ

Geonosis Episode II

Geonosis Episode II / Courtesy SimonZ

Coruscant Poster

Coruscant Poster Episode II / Courtesy SimonZ

Naboo Poster Episode I

Naboo Poster Episode I / Courtesy SimonZ

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