Star Trek The Magazine Premiere Issue

Star Trek The Magazine premiered with its first issue in May of 1999.

Star Trek The Magazine / May 1999 / Premiere Issue

The cover featured Patrick Stewart, with an article on his career and Star Trek.

It also featured three briefing’s the first one on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E, an introduction on the technical details of the Sovereign class ship, the main bridge, blueprints, shuttlecraft and the Captain’s Yacht.

Briefing #2 on the Son’a, an introduction to the sinister race, Ru’afo’s ship: Main Bridge, Son’a Ship Comparison, Tactical Room and Son’a Drone.

Briefing #3 – The Borg, Introduction, Assimilation – How the Borg get their man, The Borg Cooperative – Life without the collective, The Borg Queen – Then and Now from Picard’s greatest challenge to the new danger faced by the crew of Voyager.

The second big interview in this issue is Seven of Nine’s creator talks about her origins and reveals she was almost a man and how everyone’s favorite Borg came to life.

112 pages thick.

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