Reggie’s Take Top 20 Movie Franchise Preview

Here at Reggie’s we are getting ready to do something we have never done before, countdown the top 20 movie franchise’s of all time as we see it here at Reggie’s Take.

It’s not hard to find on the internet plenty of web sites showing you the top movie franchise’s by box office totals, the number of movies in a franchise, the number of franchise’s made and so on and what do all these different list all have in common? The majority were all created by Hollywood, movie critics or just based purely on the amount of money taken in.

Back in November of 2013 I sat down and made a list of all the movie franchises ever made. I printed multiple copies of this list and then passed them out to all my friends, coworkers and anyone else who was willing to take sometime and vote for their favorite. I even had it posted here on Reggie’s for everyone to vote.

Finally after several months of voting and adding those votes up I have a top 20 movie franchise list from the point of view of the average paying public.

In the very near future I will begin to reveal the results and countdown the Top 20 Movie Franchise’s of all time as the average movie going public sees it. What franchise do you think made it to number 1? What franchise did not make this list? The results may or may not surprise you.

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