Harrison Ford, Why I Think He agreed to return to Star Wars

With today being May 4th, Star Wars day, I thought it might be a good time to share as to why I think Harrison Ford has agreed to return to the Star Wars franchise as Han Solo.

First off I want everyone to know who may not know me or has never read anything on my website before that I’m totally thrilled that Harrison Ford is coming back to what I consider one of his most iconic roles of all time.

The last time we saw Harrison Ford on the big screen as everyone’s favorite captain of the Millennium Falcon was in 1983’s Return of The Jedi. While promoting the film in 1983 Harrison Ford was quoted in an interview as saying “Three is enough for me. I was glad to see that costume for the last time.”

Fast forward to 2010 and Mr. Ford described the character of Han Solo as “Not so interesting to me. I thought he should have died in the last one, just to give it some bottom.”

Then in October of 2012 Disney buys Lucasfilm and all of the rights to the Star Wars franchise with the intention of making a new trilogy. Rumors and speculation surrounded the next Star Wars film, that we now know will be out in December of 2015, that the main three actors from the original trilogy would be returning.

In almost every interview on every late night talk show or daytime talk show Mr. Ford was always asked are you returning as Han Solo and 98% of the time he pretty much skirted the question with out an answer.

Then just this past Tuesday (April 29, 2014) Disney and Lucasfilm officially announced the cast of Episode VII confirming all of the rumors and speculation all Star Wars fan thought and hoping were true, Harrison Ford will be back.

If your like me you read most of the rumors that were floating around the web as to why or how much of a role Harrison Ford would have in the new Star Wars movie if he came back. As happy as I am that he’s returning something got me thinking what was it that made Mr. Ford return to a role he’s been trying to distant himself from since 1983.

Return Of The jedi

Return of the Jedi / 1983

First I’m going throw out the money issue. As big of a star Harrison Ford has become since Return of the Jedi, I have no doubt that Disney is paying him well for his services. That’s why I I’m disregarding the money as a reason for him returning, something else other then money drew him back in.

One of my first thoughts was, maybe it’s because George Lucas is no longer in charge of the franchise other then a story consultant, but I’ve also disregarded that theory as well. If George Lucas were the reason, Mr. Ford wouldn’t have done a total of three more Indiana Jones movies since Return of the Jedi. After all George was the one who created the character of Indiana Jones and was the one behind most of the story ideas for the films.

The more I thought about it the more one theory made since to me as to why he would return and after the announcement by Disney and Lucasfilm concerning the expanded universe that only the six films and the Clone Wars animated series was the only official cannon, the more my theory could be true.

So why would Harrison Ford want to return to the character of Han Solo? The money? Disney now owns the franchise? J.J. Abrams is directing the film? He gets to be reunited with both Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill? Disney is willing to make another Indiana Jones Movie? The answer to all the questions I just posed, no!

The only reason Mr. Ford has returned that makes the best sense to me, Han Solo dies.

Before some of you decide to force choke me like Vader hear me out. J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan always said Episode VII would be an original story and knowing there not bound to follow any of the expanded universe, anything is possible.

Abrams from the start wanted Ford, Hamill and Fisher in the movie. At some point Abrams, Disney and Lucasfilm had to have sat down with Mr. Ford to see what it would take for him to return.

Mr. Ford has stated in the past he thought Solo should have died in Return of The Jedi. Its possible that Abrams and Kasdan script gives Mr. Ford what he wanted thirty-one years later. If my suspicion is right and Abrams is doing just that, killing Solo, then the rumors that Harrison Ford’s part is larger then first thought could be the compromise. Abrams is willing to kill off Solo in return for Harrison Ford taking on a larger if not a major role in the movie. Both the director and actor get what they want.

Abrams gets the three main stars from the original trilogy to return one last time and Harrison Ford after Episode VII doesn’t have to worry about returning to a character he wish he could leave in the past.

Do I like the idea of possibly watching Han Solo die on screen? Of course not, not in a million years, but it does make sense as to why an actor who has tried to run far away from a role as possible would be willing to return. I would love to think in my heart he is returning because he wants the fans to see him in the role one last time, but my hunch says there’s more to it then just that.

Final Thought:
If they were to actually kill of Han Solo it better be for the right reasons and not just some senseless death. Laying his life down for Leia, Luke and Chewy for the greater good would be the only way I would accept such a tragic loss of a character and even then it better bring several tears to this life long Star Wars fan!

I hope my hunch is wrong and that were left with our imagination of how Han and Leia will live out there future. Only time and December 18, 2015 will give me that answer.

May the Force be with you!

Reggie :)

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