TOS & TNG Blu-ray Box Collections

CBS Home Entertainment this past week announced a new series of releases coming this June for TOS on Blu-ray, as well as box sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD and Blu-ray.

With the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek being this year this really shouldn’t come too much as a surprise. Granted you can buy both the TOS and TNG seasons individually on Blu-ray, but it will be the first at least here in the U.S. that you will be able to purchase all seven seasons of The Next Generation as a box set in Blu-ray.


Star Trek TOS Blu-ray Box Set

The Blu-ray collection for Star Trek: The Original Series contains all twenty discs from the 2009 high-definition release contained in one box, with all of the bonus material and many other features included. Just like the initial releases, each disc will contain both the “classic” and “remastered” versions. The set will reportedly sell for $99.99.


Star Trek TNG Blu-ray Box Set

Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray all-in-one box set will be a first here in U.S. In the UK a blu-ray box set has been available since December of 2014.

The U.S. box set will contain 48-discs the same that were released as part of the individual season sets, but will not feature the Season 3 visual effects feature exclusive to Best Buy. It will also not contain the five standalone discs (“The Best of Both Worlds,” “Redemption,” “Unification,” “Chain of Command,” or “All Good Things…”) or their respective bonus material. The set will sell here in the Sates for about $208.99.


Star Trek TNG DVD Box Set

Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD will be seeing its fourth release in this brand new box set. The bad news with the DVD box set is it won’t be a DVD release of the remastered edition of the series, but will feature the same 48-disc standard-definition masters as the original 2002 release.

Not to mention this set also leaves out the 2007 bonus disc contained in the Twentieth Anniversary box set.

Unfortunately there are no plans for new DVD box sets of Deep Space Nine or Voyager and any chance of an HD upgrade for both series don’t seem to be in CBS’s future.

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