Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek

On Thursday, Paramount released a new Star Trek 50th anniversary trailer celebrating the cinematic side of the long running sci-fi franchise.

September 8, 1966 NBC aired “The Man Trap” the first broadcast episode of the original Star Trek series. Since that date in 1966 the franchise would go on to produce four more television series with a brand new show coming in January of 2017 plus thirteen theatrical movies.

In the last 50 years we’ve gotten to know a variety of captains, crews, ships and a space station and with all of that a variety of looks thanks to changing technology.

The 90-second video is a fun and enjoyable ride through the history of the Star Trek films.



Reggie’s Take:
As fun as the video above is to watch you will notice the lack of mention of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise, as well as Star Trek: The Animated Series.

If they are going to put out a trailer celebrating the movies they should at least put one out that also celebrates all of the television shows.

Not all of the Star Trek shows were equal in quality depending on your views, but if your going to celebrate the franchise you need to include everything that got you to there, not just the movies.


Ambassador Spock Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek TOS Movie Cast


Star Trek Deep Space Nine Cast

Star Trek Voyager Cast


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