Reggie’s Take Podcast #27 Movies of 2016

The 2016 movie season has about two months left before 2017 rolls in and we here at Reggie’s Take along with my guest take a look back at the movies we’ve seen and reviewed.

The 2016 movie season has been filed with plenty of super hero movies some that were good and some not so much. We also got a remake of an 80’s classic that could of been so much better and the third movie in a rebooted franchise that was the best yet.

Join my guest from the True Believers as we look back at the movies we’ve seen so far in 2016 and a brief look forward to the movies that have our attention as the year draws to a close.

Also keep an ear out for the True Believers newest Halloween themed podcast that they will soon be posting on line.

*Note this podcast was recorded before the “Logan” trailer was released on line and the announcement of Suicide Squad’s Blu-ray release. 

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