Reggie’s Take Podcast #36 IT Review

The latest Reggie’s Take Podcast is now up and online as my co-host and I talk about a clown killing it, Terminator returning to theaters and why both Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon will be good for Justice League.

The Movie IT is killing it at the box office as one of the best horror movies in along time. James and I talk about why we loved the movie and what changes were made compared to the book.

James Cameron along with Deadpool director Tim Miller is bringing another Terminator movie and potentially a trilogy back to theaters and its two biggest stars.

Matthew Vaughn has a vision of what a Superman movie should be if he were to direct a Man of Steel movie and James and I talk about if this version of Superman needs to be rebooted.

Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon have two different styles, James gives his thoughts why Justice League will be good with both having worked on the movie.

A FOX studio executive says their New Mutants movie will stand out from the majority of superhero movies, we will talk about those comments and much more.

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