Reggie’s Take Podcast #20 Ben Affleck Is Batman

Our twentieth Podcast is up and on-line as my guest from the True Believers and I talk about Ben Affleck’s promotion in the DCEU, Dwayne Johnson on Robin Williams and Star Wars.

Did Warner Brothers make the right decision promoting Ben Affleck as an executive producer on the Justice League movie? Should Zack Snyder be removed from the DCEU if the Justice League movie pulls a Batman v Superman performance?

Dwayne Johnson will be starring in the Jumanji remake and “The Rock” took to his Instagram account saying he wanted to honor Robin Williams. What did he say? We’ll tell you.

Plus there’s a Star Wars Episode 8 plot rumor out on the Internet that seems so out there that it couldn’t possibly be true. We’ll tell you what that ridiculous plot in tales.

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