Reggie’s Take Podcast #33 – GOTG Vol 2

We’re back!! With our 33rd Podcast that includes some Guardians, Hellboy and anniversaries as my co-host James and I give our thoughts and much, much more.

Our first new Podcast in two months and we here at Reggie’s Take review the latest entry in Marvel’s MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Hellboy fans will get another shot of seeing the character up on the big screen, but it won’t be with Hellboy 3 and Ron Perlman. What are they doing exactly we talk about that.

Plus we take a look back at two movies celebrating their 20th and 40th anniversary. One is a 1997 sequel to a film that first roared into theaters in 1993 and the second movie made bootlegging beer across state lines look like fun, especially when your driving a fast car.

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