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Seven years after recording our first podcast, Reggie’s Take has finally taken that leap in broadening its audience.

On April 10, 2013 I released my very first Podcast on here on Reggie’s Take. When I recorded my first podcast it was not with my own equipment it was with audio equipment at my place of employment and recorded between midnight and 2am. It was all about the Transformers from animation to the movies. Steve who was a coworker of mine at the time graciously agreed to be a part of our very first podcast. Steve would be a guest on three of my first four podcast.

It was after that first podcast that I began buying and investing in some basic equipment of my own and over the last seven years I feel I have assembled a very nice setup that suits my needs and most importantly stayed within my budget.

If you are someone who has listened to many of my podcast you will know that James, from the True Believers has been my cohort in crime as it were as a guest/co-host on the majority of my podcast. It was James’s own podcast that he hosted with a mutual friend of ours Enrique, “True Believers Podcast”, that inspired me to begin my own. From 2013 through the end of 2017 James has been a part of forty of my forty-six podcast.

James has brought a knowledge of the comic books from both Marvel and DC that I did not have. I had some knowledge of the comics, but most of that was with Batman. James knowledge of comic books also provided invaluable insights when it came to all the comic book movies with Marvel’s MCU and Warner Brother’s DC movies. I realize that Hollywood rarely follows the comics exactly, but James’s insights and knowledge was like getting a professional to come be a part of my podcast.

During 2018 and 2019 I only managed to record and post four podcast and so far in 2020 I have not recorded one. Why so few in two and a half years? The simple answer, life. I love movies, I love the comics and I enjoy talking about both during a podcast any chance I get, but my podcast and my website have only ever been a hobby. As much as I love recording a podcast or posting about a movie or television show here on Reggie’s Take neither pay the bills. I have a real job and a wife with medical conditions and like any good husband should do, my wife and my job come first.

We all know that in 2020 the world has been dealing with Covid-19 and that has pretty much put a halt to a lot of things that we would normally take for granted, like seeing new movies in theaters. Like a lot of people, I have been keeping my distance from others. If there is one bright spot from Covid-19, at least for me, it would be that it provided the opportunity to get something accomplished with my podcast I have always wanted to make happen.

At the beginning of May I made the decision that I was done talking about getting my podcast uploaded to Apple or Spotify, it was time to act. I began getting all my podcast recordings into one location as I had them scattered between my desktop, laptop and an external hard drive. Once I got all forty-six as MP3’s I did my research and found Anchor, a website for podcasting that would distribute my podcast to all the major platforms for me.

Fast forward through June and the first half of July, not to mention having to have a new hard drive put into my desktop computer and I have finally obtained my goal. Some out there may disagree, but I made the decision to upload all my podcast going back to my first one from 2013. As I uploaded each one, I made the conscious decision to add “originally published” with the date at the end of each description. I thought someone might find it weird why I was posting a podcast about reviewing the movie Logan three years after the movie had been released.

If you have followed Reggie’s Take for a while or just happened to be reading something from my site for the first time you can now go back and listen to any of my forty-six podcast on eight different podcasting platforms listed below.

Apple Podcast


Google Podcast


Radio Public

Pocket Casts



If you have a platform of the eight listed you prefer, you can click on any one of them and it will take you directly to my podcast.

I have reached out to James and Mathew who has been a more recent guest and hope at some point soon (the near future, no exact date) to resume recoding new podcast. Getting my podcast uploaded for more listeners to find has me excited about recording new episodes.

I hope all who read this are staying safe and have continued to enjoy the movies they love.

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