Reggie’s Take Podcast #25 – Suicide Squad Review

The third movie in Warner Brothers DCEU finally arrived at theaters in the form of “Suicide Squad” and we here at Reggie’s Take review the movie as only we know how.

Batman v Superman received no love from the critics, but managed to earn $872 million worldwide. The trailers for Suicide Squad looked as if this might be the movie to put Warner Brothers superhero DCEU on the right road with the critics and the fans, but did it?

Suicide Squad unfortunately had no better luck or success with the critics then its predecessor, but still managed to set a new record for a movie opening in August beating out “The Guardians of The Galaxy” record in 2014.

James from the “True Believers” and Susan, returning just for her 2nd time join me as we review “Suicide Squad”. See if you agree or disagree with our thoughts and opinions on our 25th Podcast.

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