Reggie’s Take Podcast #35 Wonder Woman-Spider-Man Homecoming

We’re back! After a two-month hiatus my co-host and I play catch up with three of this years summer movies on our newest Podcast here on Reggie’s Take.

My co-host James is back from his surgery and we take a look back at the movies we’ve missed. As only we know how we talk about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie as it lasso’s its way to box office gold.

We also take a look at Spider-Man Homecoming, the third incarnation of the web crawler since 2002, but the first movie considered part of Marvel’s MCU. Who did we see as the stand out character? You might be surprised.

We also talk about Edgar Wright’s fantastic thrill ride, Baby Driver and Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond, we give our thoughts and opinions on his return, plus much more.

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